At PACC we are fully committed to making disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We believe this happens within the local church, in community, and under the instruction and authority of the leaders God has given to the church.

We are currently not offering full-time internships. At this point our internships will require 15-20 hours of your week in addition to your full participation in our weekend gatherings.

Interns are therefore encouraged to get a part time job that allows them to engage in the city and earn a wage. Ideally this job will not require more than 20 hours per week and will not interfere with commitments such as the weekend gatherings Sunday mornings and/or Thursday nights (summer only); and whichever community group they join.

If the intern has the financial means they are not required to work, but are encouraged to fill their time volunteering and serving in the community.

If the intern is in need of housing, PACC will place them with a family in the church. Each intern would be required to pay their portion of the rent, their portion of utilities, and for whatever food they consume. The exact amount will be worked out between the host family and the intern. It will always be fair and will never be a profitable situation for the host family.

Internships begin on September 1st and will end May 31st



In addition to the training the interns will receive serving in the different PACC ministries (i.e. PACC Kids, students, music and media, connect) they will receive Biblical Theology training as well as Systematic Theology training. These training times will be held at the PACC office. We will also do our best to expose the interns to other training opportunities within Newfrontiers USA and elsewhere.


Mission and Vision

Mission – Connecting people to Jesus.

This mission statement comes from 2 Cor. 5:20 where we are called Chirst’s ambassadors pleading with people to “Come back to God.”  This simple statement is what drives everything we do. Our desire is to see those who do not have a relationship with Jesus united with Him. Sin has broken our relationship with God but Jesus has broken sin!

God’s vehicle to see this mission accomplished is His Church. Our desire is to see the local church(es) engaged in the Mission to which Jesus has called us. We see this lived out in our PACC Vision.


Vision – Our vision is to be a church of multiple sites within the Spokane/CDA area.

We want to be active in meeting the true needs of the poor and disenfranchised in our community.  We also want to see new believers and existing believers growing in their walk with God and connecting people to Jesus.

Gathering, Growing and Going is the strategy God has given us to fulfill the vision of seeing multiple church sites in our community. We faithfully Gather together to worship our Savior, hear God’s Word and experience the Holy Spirit. We also devote ourselves to coming together in community groups to Grow in who we are in Christ and what He has for us. The purpose of Gathering and Growing are to propel us to Go and accomplish the Mission of ‘connecting people to Jesus’.

The process comes full circle when as we Go into new parts of our community and establish community groups for the purpose of Growing, we reach a point where we have multiple community groups in that area and are able to launch a Gathering.

Our prayer is that this mission and vision would become your mission and vision. It wouldn’t be a “wouldn’t that be nice if that happened” statement. Instead it would be a “this must happen” statement! As we join together to build, may we be captivated by the potential of the church and God’s transforming power!


Ministry Philosophy

New Testament leadership is self-sacrificial service. Jesus embodied this by washing his disciples feet (John 13:1-20) and laying down his life for his people (John 10:11; Philippians 2:1-11). Paul modeled servant leadership by relentlessly glorifying Christ through his sufferings for the church (Colossians 1:24-29). And Peter called early church leaders to serve and shepherd their people with self-giving joy, humility and endurance (1 Peter 5:1-11).

PACC’s philosophy of leadership training is supported by two principles. First, PACC recognizes that personal transformation through application of the gospel and ongoing spiritual renewal creates a foundation for being a disciple of Jesus. Second, PACC believes that church leaders are called to make disciples of Jesus. The goal is never to obtain a position in ministry, rather to release others into ministry. Our internships blend biblical and theological training with real life ministry experience in community with the intention of becoming disciples who make disciples.

The purpose of our internships is to develop leaders in character and competency. Through both biblical and systematic theology, interns will grow in wisdom and knowledge (the mind). As they apply what they are learning to their lives with the help of a mentor, they will grow in understanding their identity and the call that God has on their lives (the heart). With these foundations, interns will grow in their level of competency and fruitfulness in ministry (the hands).

Interns will be given a mentor to walk with them through this process. The mentors will meet regularly with the intern to discuss and apply what they’ve been learning. Our focus is not so much on each intern’s productivity throughout the year, but on him or her being shaped for a lifetime of fruitfulness in life and ministry.


Ministry Opportunities

PACC Connect

Connect is a multi-faceted ministry that seeks to assimilate new visitors into the body of Christ. This ministry includes helping guests at our Sunday Gatherings and working at our Info Table and helping administrate other events and follow-up to help guests connect with PACC.


PACC Kids exists to teach and train kids to become disciples of Jesus, who make disciples of Jesus, in a God-centered and fun environment.. At PACC, we believe that children are valuable gifts from God. We believe that children, just like adults, need Jesus’ saving love. We have fun while we learn about Jesus and relate the truth of the Bible to the world in which your kids live. We recognize that the home is the front line of ministry to children and seek to equip and support parents as well. Interns serve in organizing, teaching and training within the PACC Kids ministry.


Interns will work directly with Connie Sovereign, PACC Kids Director


PACC Youth

Statistics show that God loves to save and call teenagers and college students. This internship would involve reaching out to unchurched teens and college students, as well as serve those already in the church.


Interns will work with Derek and Connie Sovereign and the PACC Youth team. They will have opportunity to engage in youth and college-age community groups and serve during our mid-week youth gatherings.


Music and Media

This internship is an opportunity to learn how to lead others into worship as well as what it takes to run a worship service (i.e. sound, visuals, etc…) This internship does not guarantee that the intern will play on a worship team, that decision will be up to the worship team leaders.


Interns will be working with Dave Siers, our PACC Worship Director


PACC Ministry Teams

PACC Ministry Teams serve largely during our PACC Gatherings. This includes Nursery, PACC Kids, Connect and Hospitality (Greeting, Coffee and Ushers). There are other ministries in which interns may serve so feel free to note any other area of interest on your application. If you have an original idea for an internship focus, you may also include a personal internship proposal with your application.


Ministry Project

The Project will give you the opportunity to collaborate with the other interns on a ministry which you develop and initiate. It will require you to apply the different leadership principles (disciples making disciples) you are learning and give you the opportunity to develop a ministry which involves our PACC family and engages our community. We will discuss this more and help you identify and develop your idea throughout the Internship Year.



Click HERE to download the PACC internship application.