Baptism at PACC

We are excited to call all those who have repented and decided to follow Jesus to obey His command to be baptized (Matthew 28:19). This is an essential part of being a disciple and follower of Jesus.

What is Baptism?

Baptism signifies entrance into relationship with God through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the public declaration and sign of belonging to God’s Church, made up of those who have been born of the Spirit and placed their faith in Christ.

How Do I Get Baptized?

Let us know you are interested in being baptized with your Connection Card on Sunday, or send us an email at

Baptism of Young People

We use the term “Believer’s Baptism” at PACC. We encourage parents to wait until their kids understand what it is they are committing to and to walk through the process with them. We recommend waiting until a child is around the age of 10 and can grasp and communicate what the Gospel means.