Why Community Groups?

Sundays are an awesome time together but to live out what the Bible describes as a New Testament Church we see a need to gather in our homes in smaller communities where we can share what and how God is working in our lives. Our Community Groups exist for the purpose of making disciples who make disciples. One of the keys to discipleship is relationship. Community Groups provide a place where people can find friendship, support and be equipped for the mission of sharing the Gospel with our friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and eventually throughout the whole world!

When and Where Do They Happen?

Community Groups happen in two terms for us. We have a Fall Term which starts with the school year and breaks around the Holidays. We start back up after the new year begins with a Winter/Spring Term. During the Summer we have a more relaxed schedule with groups meeting once or twice a month for food, fellowship and fun. We have groups meeting on different days throughout the week all over our community. These groups typically take place in people’s homes and can vary in age, family size, and background.

How do I Join a Community Group?

You can sign up on your Connection Card Sunday morning, send us an email at office@pacc-id.net, or give us a call at (208) 772-7541 and we will help you connect with a group.