Internship Overview

At PACC we are fully committed to making disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We believe this happens within the local church, in community, and under the instruction and authority of the leaders God has given to the church.

We are currently not offering full-time internships. At this point our internships will require 15-20 hours of your week in addition to your full participation in our weekend gatherings.

Interns are therefore encouraged to get a part time job that allows them to engage in the city and earn a wage. Ideally this job will not require more than 20 hours per week and will not interfere with commitments such as the weekend gatherings Sunday mornings and/or Thursday nights (summer only); and whichever community group they join.

If the intern has the financial means they are not required to work, but are encouraged to fill their time volunteering and serving in the community.

If the intern is in need of housing, PACC will place them with a family in the church. Each intern would be required to pay their portion of the rent, their portion of utilities, and for whatever food they consume. The exact amount will be worked out between the host family and the intern. It will always be fair and will never be a profitable situation for the host family.

Internships begin on September 1st and will conclude and the end of August!

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Once accepted into the program, the PACC intern agrees to the following with the help of the Holy Spirit:

  1. To faithfully fulfill the normal requirements for being ‘Joined to the Church’ at Prairie Avenue Christian Center by weekly attending Sunday gatherings and participating in a community group
  2. To submit to my mentor and to church leadership, especially in receiving instruction, rebuke and counsel
  3. To preserve and build unity and peace within the church as a lead servant
  4. To properly manage the resources God has given me, including my time, talent and treasure
  5. To follow the example of Christ in humility and self- sacrifice for the church and the world
  6. To show faithfulness and commitment to the internship by being on time and attending classes, being on time and attending service opportunities, and being on time and attending mentoring meetings
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