PACC’s Response to COVID-19

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PACC Update


PACC Family,

We want to take a moment and update you on how we will be moving forward in the coming weeks. Before we do that we want to take a moment and commend you on your faithfulness and generosity in this season. So many of you have asked and given help where needed. Many participated in our city wide Church, Kootenai United, and PACC Youth food drives. We gathered over 500 boxes of food for our local food banks! Amazing, so blessed by your faithfulness and obedience to honor our Father in this way. Let’s continue to love those around us and be aware for those who are in need.

Moving Forward

We want to acknowledge there is an incredible amount of information out there regarding COVID-19. So much so, it makes it difficult at times to understand what the correct course of action may be. Also, we know people have a wide variety of opinions and responses to all this information. We are aware of the State of Idaho’s 4 stage plan to reopen and have read the details of what this means in regard to churches and what limitations may or may not be on them. We have also read the guidelines for individuals and what our Governor is requesting for households.

As we gathered to pray and seek how God would have us respond, we feel it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit that we should delay our coming together in a large corporate gathering until all those in our community are able to come without violating the 4 stage plan set out by the Governor for individuals.

A few things to help you understand our discernment in this area.

1. The “doors” of the Church are not closed.
We hear people say, “churches need to be open!” We don’t think the church has stopped or isn’t open because we aren’t gathering once a week in a building. The church is not a building! It is clear the church is made of individuals who have found their identity in Christ. The only danger of the “doors” being closed is if we close off our hearts to those around us. Let us be sure to ask God to soften our hearts when it comes to those who might be suffering, might be anxious, or might have a different opinion or response than we do. If we as the church had the same focus on gathering in our building as we did on sharing the gospel and loving our neighbors, our community would look much different. Let’s not be distracted from all the noise we are bombarded with about what and who is right.

1 John 2:6 (ESV)
whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.

Let’s remember to walk in the compassion and love which Christ continually demonstrated in His life and ministry.

2. We are not acting out of fear.
We do not fear sickness or even death. Our lives are hidden with Christ and we are not living for this life or the things of this world. We are not gathering corporately on Sundays out of love and care for those around us and to honor the governing authority God has put over us.

3. We are not comparing ourselves.
We understand there are other churches who are taking a different course than us. We believe just as always, we have unity in diversity. We don’t believe this is an issue of right or wrong, rather for us to be faithful and obedient in what God is calling PACC to do.

4.We are not taking a break
We believe God is leading us in this season and has something He wants to work out in us as a church body. We are pressing in to how God wants to transform us into His likeness and are excited to see where He will lead us.

5.We look forward to the time when we can ALL come together to worship and celebrate all God is doing!
Our greatest desire is first and foremost to be obedient to our heavenly Father and honor Him above all else. We want to know what God is doing and planning for our local church and the ministry He has for us to do in our community.

Please join us online this Sunday and listen to the first of a series of messages speaking into where our team of Elders feel God is calling us.
Again, we are so grateful to serve you and love you all very much! Please feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or concerns.


PACC Elders
Dave Hoit – 208-659-4891
Randy Siers – 208-699-0395
Carey Sovereign – 208-691-5025
Derek Sovereign – 208-755-0917
Lloyd Taylor – 208-773-7095

PACC Additional Leadership Team
Shane Goodner – 509-435-2648
Kevin Reese – 208-818-7927