Why Serve?

We use the word “SERVE” at PACC because God has called us to be servants. We intentionally don’t use the word volunteer because volunteers give their time and their ability at their discretion. A servant is someone who’s time and ability is at the disposal of someone else’s discretion. At PACC Jesus is our “someone else”. We are all His servants and desire to live according to the example He made by giving Himself as the ultimate servant! Why serve?, because Jesus served us first!

When Can I Start Serving?

Get connected with a serving team by letting us know on your Connection Card on Sunday, or send us an email at office@pacc-id.net. We provide training in Areas such as greeting, coffee, info table, and setup to allow a smooth transition into connecting with a serving team. There are other areas of serving where we’d like to get to know you better before you serve, such as children’s ministry areas. As a general safety policy we go through a background check before someone starts to serve in any area.

Serving Areas

Teachers (ages 4 years – 5th grade)
Assistant Teachers (ages 4 years – 5th grade)
Nursery (infant – 3 years)

PACC Kids Registration
Info Table
Coffee/ Doughnuts

Worship Team
Setup (Chairs/Nursery/Tables)